Soroush Nejad

I am a passionate programmer, my greatest
experiences is in back-end development but
databases and Android are my other interests.
I love photography and use it to connect to people.

Thesis project:

Secure connection to cars (IoT)

The goal of this project was to increase the safety and security of the integration between external Android applications and vehicle infotainment-system using MQTT protocol. We have successfully implemented a broker service on a test model car and developed two Android applications. This distributed system made a secure real time communication from/to external applications possible. Read on Chalmers website
See result on Youtube

Android meets Volvo

The project was an Android development for Android smart watches which communicate with a Volvo truck! The details of the project is confidential.

Selected Application in Volvo innovation challenge:

Eye tracker for Automotive Grade Android (AGA)

An Android based application that keeps track of a driver's eyes while driving a truck. The application reads and writes signals on the vehicle using the AGA platform. Using Android services and the vehicle's signals, a distracted driver recieves alarm. The application was recognised as a contribution to Swedspot’s team.